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Question 0 what is usenet?   Read it from wikipedia. usenet.
Question 1 Can't register?   Please make sure you have used the right email address and spelled it correctly for your registration.
Question 2 Can't login?   Please make sure COOKIE is enabled and system TIME is correct. Also, NS 4.7 or later, IE 5.0 or later.
Question 3 No large pics?   Make sure you haven't exceeded your bandwidth limit.
Question 4 Can I post/upload?   Yes and no. Currently, your post/upload will not be propagated to the usenet, it is read only usenet archive system. provides posting and text usenet reading for users for free.
Question 5
Email tool, send the link to yourself or yourfriend.
Trash tool, to report spams.
Add tool, add current file to your list.
Subscribe tool, add current group to your group list.
Unsubscribe tool, remove the group from your group list.
Magic filter, turn image into greyscale when browser can't.
Magic filter2, turn greyscale mode off.
Match tool, show files with same pattern in filenames(whole archive).
Match tool2, show files with same pattern in filenames(in same group).
Zip download, download multiple files at one click.
Zip all, download all mactch files at one click.
Slide Show, sit back and have the system bring it to you.
Info tool, display the usenet header information of the picture.
Question 6 Keyboard Shortcut NEW
Left, Right ArrowKey, or PageUp, PageDown Keys, will open next or previous pages/pictures.
Home or End Keys open First or Last Page.
Esc, or Crtl-q will close IE or chrome instantly, like boss-key.
Question 6 Cancel my account?   Select "delete account" in edit profile page. or click here.
Question 9 How to support this site?
Upgrade your free account, Email it to your friends, trash the bad pictures whenever you can.
Question a How to download multipule files at once?
With the advance options, you can select the right pictures, then click "check out" to download a ziped archive.
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